MCC Clean Pure Water Window Cleaning uses an environmentally friendly process that gives you the cleanest windows possible without using any harmful chemicals.

Using pure water means the glass is not left with water droplet stains that so often appear in corners and edges from pre-existing dirt and the mineral, chemical and dirt particles suspended in the normal tap water applied in an ordinary brush cleaning process. The effect is such that the water dynamically attracts dirt, dust, mineral deposits and various organic materials when applied to the surface of the window glass.

The extendable pole system brings the advantage that ground floor windows along with upper storeys can be cleaned using this method resulting in a reduction of the contract cost.

Up to five storey's. More can be cleaned upon consultation.
Pure Clean pure water takes dirt and stains away from glass and buildings like ordinary water cannot do by a process of chemical attraction leaving windows cleaner.
Yes we have been advised from our suppliers that using the pure water system is fine in the rain.